As a start-up founded by medical doctors the essence of AnovonA is to offer our customers the best products possible.


Based on well-proven as well as on the most recent scientific data we provide excellence in nutrition. With compromise out of the question we provide premium supplements for clinical use, athletes and anyone interested in improving their personal health.


AnovonA was founded, because the founders are not only medical professionals, but also athletes themselves. And we were not satisfied with all the protein supplements on the market and in clinical use. Not comparing with the competition and only going straight for the scientifically best possible, we proudly provide unmatched protein quality.


The continuation of this vision is reinforced by 80% of AnovonA remaining in private ownership by twelve physicians from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

For your health

amineo and veganeo are protein powder products by AnovonA  and provide benefit in various applications. Most striking in these proteins is the amino acid composition  with a  Chemical Score of 198 compared to the reference protein of the world health organization (WHO/FAO1985).

Clinical Nutrition

Due to the optimal amino acid composition waste nitrogen is greatly reduced. Being uniquely kidney friendly, pared with rapid absorption and outstanding water solubility amineo provides significant additional benefit in clinical use.


Easy digestion and great taste warrant excellent compliance.

Weight Loss

Amino acids are the building blocks of life all proteins are made of. Healthy skin, nails, strong muscles and a potent immune system require and benefit from intake of high-quality protein.


The better the quality the more amino acids can be used to build up body proteins, and the less are burned as calories.

Fitness and Endurance

The very exact optimal ratio of essential amino acids warrants maximum efficienty in regeneration and build up of muscle tissue after workout.


After very intense training sessions you will probably notice less muscle soreness and a significant increase in sports performance over time.